Bane of Humanity

28 Sep

Today I had to call one of those customer service lines.  Somewhere along the way someone decided that it would make better business sense to have these disgruntled customers speak requests to an automated machine rather than press 1 for Spanish or 2 for billing.  My Utah accent must be thick and difficult to understand because whenever I call one of these I always get the response, “I’m sorry, I did not understand you.” The woman who does these recordings always says it in such a sickly sweet voice that she sounds like she is actually making fun of my inability to speak clearly. As usually happens when I have to repeat myself an inordinate amount of times, I start to get a wee bit miffed.  Like somehow it is that person’s fault that they didn’t hear you.  Instead of getting frustrated with those people that travel in the left lane or for some reason bought a car that doesn’t have indicators, no, I get upset at the automated response customer service line lady.

It’s not a good sign for the rest of the call, when Bob in Tennessee finally answers.


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