Sign of Intelligence

2 Oct

In May I went with my friend Kelsea to London.  This was my reward for making it through college in a record breaking five years.  When we got there we relied on maps to get us around the city.  All of the street signs there are on big white signs with red lettering placed strategically on the sides of buildings.  Every block you would see a new sign running parallel to the road.  We spent a majority of the time on this trip completely confused about where we were.  We seriously questioned their sanity.  Why change the name of a street every block?

I didn’t think about this too much until Friday.  My new favorite person, coworker Sarah, from London, went to dinner with me and a few of my friends.  On the way home she commented on how odd it is that we put our street signs running parallel to the roads instead of perpendicular.

I know my college education was worth it now.  I am definitely a genius!  But in all seriousness, Brigham Young got it right.  Parallel makes much more sense.



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