5 Oct

Sarah, My New Favorite Person (MNFP), off-handedly mentioned to me that at home, she sometimes takes a stroll down to that house on Pride and Prejudice.  Ya know, the BBC/A&E version.  Little did she know that my world stopped spinning at that moment.  That house is Pemberley, the site where, I believe, Elizabeth realizes that she does indeed have a little crush on prideful Mr. Darcey.

I haven’t always been such a girl.  Just ask Kelsea.  In high school, when I got my wisdom teeth out, she practically had to force me to watch it.  All my friends were obsessed with it, and I couldn’t understand why. Why would I want to watch something so incredibly lame and sappy?  Well, that was one of those moments where something changes inside you. You can look back and see that you were fundamentally different before that event.  Before, I despised chick flicks.  Now, I adore them.  Point me toward the nearest chick flick and I will be happy.

Needless to say, I will be going to Europe to visit this site in the next year.  I’m just a little excited.

*NOTE* I do enjoy movies of other genres.  Western, comedy, action, I like it all.


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