Trapped in the Bathroom

12 Oct

Last week I moved into a new place. It is a house in Salt Lake in the cutest neighborhood in the entire world. The trees outside on the street actually drape over the road and touch. Gorgeous. I have a unique arrangement when it comes to the bathrooms. In order to get to the bathroom with the shower, you have to go through another bathroom. The first bathroom locks on the side opposite the bathroom with the shower. Last night my roommate used the first bathroom while I was in the shower. As you can probably see coming, my roommate forgot to unlock that door when she left. While I was pounding on the door, yelling for someone, and attempting to pick the lock with a comb I imagined being stuck in there all night. There is a small window that leads outside that I am pretty sure I could crawl through, but then I’d end up with a broken ankle and locked out of the house instead.

Thankfully, my roommate heard me and unlocked the door after about five minutes. I think I will just keep some card and board games in there. If I keep a few more towels in there, I could make a bed.


One Response to “Trapped in the Bathroom”

  1. Cambria October 31, 2007 at 6:06 pm #

    Hahaha!! Oh Cass, that seriously made my day.

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