one little consonant makes a difference

4 Nov

A couple of weekends ago Susan, my roommate that locked me in the bathroom, tried to convince me to go dancing.  I was all about going dancing, until I realized it was at a real club.  It’s really the best place to dance, but then they told me I would smell like smoke.  I just didn’t want to have to wash my hair the next morning.  Yeah, that probably sounds incredibly lazy, but have you ever tried to control my hair?  No, you haven’t.  So you get no say.  I decided to stay home and watch a movie on a Saturday night.  Much like tonight.  I decided to watch a movie instead of going to a party and fulfilling my duty to be social.  The real point of this story is what my wonderful roommate said to me before she walked out the door.

“Oh, you are a party pooer.”

Yes, a party pooer.  That is exactly what I am.  I’m working to become a party pooper.  Soon thereafter I hope to become a party animal.


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