13 Dec

I have been dancing since I was six years old. Just like those cool people on So You Think You Can Dance. When I was in middle school I took from these two great girls named Erin and Marie. It always struck me as funny because they would say “Ya?” after everything. After every demonstration of the next set of eight counts, they’d say it every time. Just so the student knew they were supposed to be learning that crazy little step. If it wasn’t said, we’d just stand in the back and pick our noses.

“So you just roll your hips, 1, 2, and hit, and 5, 6, and tuuuurn! Ya?”

Just your regular, run of the mill pronunciation. Still sort of odd. It’s been a long time since I went to that dance studio, but I started taking a couple of classes at my local gym. I was astounded to hear each teacher use the same term! I thought it was unique to those teachers, but apparently it is part of the industry lingo. You just ain’t cool unless you say it.  Ya?


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