Yes, I’m listening to Good Charlotte, SO WHAT!?

21 Dec

When I graduated from high school I had a very narrow outlook on music. I liked one genre, and I only liked bands that weren’t “big”. I wasn’t as hardcore as an elitist, but I definitely wasn’t going to give a nod of approval to my sisters’ listening to Britney Spears or Nickelback. Since then I have stopped caring and I just listen to whatever I feel like. Now they are the ones harassing me for my poor taste in music, which has now grown to include hip hop, pop, country, and sreamo. I could care less, if it catches my ear I’m going to listen. Still, there are quite a few bands that are so mainstream and so catchy that I am just a little embarrassed to say that I am a fan. Today I am going to lay it out there and list them. I won’t put bands like Blink 182 or Third Eye Blind because those were middle school and I totally had every right to love them.

You know you like them too, just admit it:

Good Charlotte
Matchbox Twenty
Kanye West
Rascal Flatts
Kelly Clarkson
The All-American Rejects
Justin Timberlake
Dashboard Confessional
Fallout Boy

I’m going to be adding to this list. What bands are you slightly embarrassed to admit that you are rocking out to on your iPod?


One Response to “Yes, I’m listening to Good Charlotte, SO WHAT!?”

  1. Kels December 31, 2007 at 7:21 pm #

    haha…I like Kelly Clarkson too! guilty pleasure. Let’s see…I also have a guilty pleasure of Beyonce and Destiny’s Child. Thems are some bootay shakin songs. Good for driving. I wouldn’t say it’s a guilty pleasure, but musicals seem to be my scene these days. But I’m not embarassed. They rock. And other people should appreciate them too.

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