Making History

23 Dec

If you take two Nut Roll wrappers to Brighton, you get ten dollars off your lift pass. Who eats Nut Rolls? Well, I won’t lie, I do. But apparently most people really hate them. Maybe it’s the name that turns them off, I don’t know.

Tonight was the third time I’ve been this season, and I feel like I am really improving. I can totally carve now, and I even caught some air off a jump. Yes, it was on purpose. I never even fall when I am getting off the lift! Except for tonight. In our group we had three boarders and one skier, my wonderful roommate. I was on the end, with her to my left. As I pushed off from the chair and set my board down everything seemed to be fine. But then I realized I wasn’t moving. And then I was on the ground. And then I was turned over onto my back. I looked up and saw that my roommate was still on the chair, which was now directly above me. As the chair started to make the turn so it can return down the lift, I realized that a lever on her skis and my bindings were most definitely hooked together. Which was closely followed by her being pulled down on top of me. Two of the dudes manning the lift stopped it and ran out to us, only to find us laughing hysterically. I’m not sure why I was laughing so hard. I should have found the vision I had of myself dangling by one leg from her ski for the long, cold ride down the mountain a bit more terrifying.

After the dudes unhooked us and helped us up they told us that was the best crash they’d seen this year. Since I feel the incident doesn’t reflect on my skill, or lack thereof, as a snowboarder, I am pretty psyched about that.


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