A New Insult

5 Jan

If you’re not living in Utah you are probably not familiar with the term “sweet spirit.” It is essentially the biggest insult a person can receive. It sounds quite nice right? Who wouldn’t want to have a sweet spirit? You don’t, trust me. If you have a sweet spirit, that is your only redeeming quality. In fact, the person giving the supposed compliment probably doesn’t think you have any redeeming qualities at all, the least of which being a sweet spirit. You definitely aren’t attractive to this person, or in any way desirable.

Recently I have discovered a new form of this insult. Sweet spirit is too obvious. Maybe the value of a sweet spirit is going down. The new form of the insult is “cool.”  If you hear someone describe someone they don’t really like they will more than likely say, “She’s cool, but I just don’t go for girls with an intellect.” Or something in that vein.

In conclusion: being cool really just means you aren’t. Watch out for it. If your significant other is constantly telling you how cool you are, instead of how handsome or beautiful or smart, cut your losses and ditch ’em.


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