A Single Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

About a month before Valentine’s Day I started having daydreams. Granted, I daydream quite a bit. They’re fun and I can make them very elaborate. I tried to stop them, because these were the kind that get your hopes up and let you down. Even if you were in a position of blissful coupledom on the 14th of February, that special guy is probably not going to do any of the things you day dreamed about anyhow. That’s just the nature of guys. Girls have come to terms with it.

I kept imagining myself at work and a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers appear at my desk. I don’t even like flowers that much! Or I’d be running at the park and in my mind I saw that one person I want to declare love for me orchestrating an elaborately romantic evening of dinner and presenting me with a surprisingly thoughtful gift. I’m not even that romantic!

I’m not naive enough to think this guy is going to do any of this stuff. Why should he start today of all days? There is still that niggling hope though. Something that makes me turn around every time someone walks by my office, just to see if it is some guy coming toward me, totally obscured by that giant bouquet. I guess that’s part of being a girl. We hope, against all reason, for the silliest things. I blame the chick flicks.

But it’s really a day about love. And even though I’m not in love, and that guy doesn’t love me (yet!), I still feel loved. My mom sent me a gift in the mail today. I’m lucky enough to have a lot of faithful friends that I know love me. And I love them all. I’m grateful for their support. And their loving words. Life could be a lot worse. I could have no place to live in this never-melting snow drift that Utah has become. I could have no car, no family to call me and make sure I made it home, no friends to help me play the game and listen to me dissect every stupid thing. I could have no job and no money to buy myself Valentine’s Day presents with. But I have my health, my family, and my friends. And that’s all I really need. Even on Valentine’s Day.


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