There are a few good guys left

21 Feb

On Valentine’s Day my little sister, Taylor, sent me a text saying that someone had sent her and our other sister, Tori, a flower at school. I figured it was my mom, but Taylor assured me that our mom insisted it wasn’t her. That’s something my mom would do. Insist she didn’t do something like that just to make them think some secret admirer sent it. She’s cute like that.

Later on that day Taylor called me back to tell me that it was actually our cousin, Chet, that sent the flowers. It was supposed to be a secret, but he sent one to his little sister, and so it wasn’t too difficult to connect the dots.

The point of this story is LIKE OH MY GOSH HOW CUTE!? That’s exactly the kind of thing that came gushing out my mouth, and everyone I told about it. I can’t help it. It’s so incredibly sweet. Due to the lack of sweetness, romance, or anything akin to thoughtfulness that we (and I’m sure many other girls) are accustomed to, something like that just melts our little ole’ hearts.

For a 23 year-old guy, Chet is freaking awesome. And he gives me an increment of hope that not all men are clueless. Thanks for being so adorable to my sisters, we love you!


PS, don’t forget about me next year buddy.


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