Cadbury Mini Egg Fix

21 Mar

Everyone knows that Easter candy is the king of candies. Cadbury Mini Eggs are unequivocally the best Easter candy. It so follows that Cadbury Mini Eggs are simply the most amazing candy that the world has ever seen. The fact that they are (usually) only available for three months of the year only intensifies their power. Usually, they are available around Valentine’s Day all the way through May. I really dislike Easter in March; primarily because it didn’t give me enough time to recover from Valentine’s Day candy and to ease into Cadbury Mini Egg season with the proper decorum. It may sound like all I do is eat Easter candy, but I assure that is not the case. I only allow myself to have them once a week. But oh no, now decorum must go out the window. Now I have to have Cadbury Mini Eggs for every single meal until Sunday.

You may be thinking to yourself, why doesn’t she just go buy a box of them and have a steady supply the whole year through? I think that would be a fantastic solution. I’d totally do that. But if I bought a box of them now, I’d just eat the entire box of them in the next week. It’s true.

I should just hire someone to keep them in a safe and only allow me a few every week. Sort of like a time-released Cadbury Mini Egg pill.


One Response to “Cadbury Mini Egg Fix”

  1. Tori March 30, 2008 at 4:36 am #

    Cass cadbury mini eggs rock! and if you kept em that long they would be rocks! heha!

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