My Name Is Cass

26 Mar

According to karma (I’m a big fan of My Name Is Earl), I believe that I have a large amount of amazing dates coming my way.

The number of truly bad dates that I have been on recently is astounding. In the world of dating (I know, it’s hard for some of you to remember what it was like) there are the kind of bad dates that aren’t very memorable. But then there are the kind that consist of me wondering what to have for dinner the next night — when I am finally free of this monotonous, painful conversation and can watch reruns of Family Guy.

The most entertaining part of this saga is that these same bad dates always seem to want to go out again. And again. And again. Apparently, my “interested” and “bored brainless” looks need to be swapped. If I throw in a yawn with the next hot guy, he will probably be sending me flowers the next day.


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