Couch Me

4 Apr

My awesome roommate has moved out. Not only will I miss her, but I will also miss having her furniture to sit on! With her she takes her sofa and love seat. Furniture was always provided in all my college apartments. Since then, I haven’t accumulated much. I now own a bed and that is about it.

I doubt that I will get many, if any, responses to this. But I’d like to make a call for furniture. Want to get rid of yours for something better? Just plain old don’t want it anymore? Know someone that wants to sell theirs for a reasonable price? If so, hit me up, I’m totally interested.


One Response to “Couch Me”

  1. Sarah West April 10, 2008 at 11:20 am #


    How are you doing? I have not seen you for ages – how is the couch situation going? Have you found anything yet?

    Hey I just tagged you in my blog – for some daft 6 habits thing! Check out my blog – how cool am I now!!!!

    see you tonight at the Office Party – looking forward to it – alot.

    Sarah x x x

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