Road Trip to Where?

31 May

Tomorrow (or today) I leave for a road trip. With my family. We’re driving to Nauvoo and spending a few days there with my dad’s parents. Then we’re driving on to Wisconsin to spend some time with my mom’s family. We’re paying a visit to the Chicago temple and driving onward to visit Michigan, where we used to live. All in all I am looking forward to it, but am slightly nervous. The last time I made that drive I was 8 and had two fewer siblings.

Things That Will Keep Me Sane:

  • Work (yay for laptops)
  • iPod
  • Movies
  • My phone (please text)

Things That Threaten My Sanity:

  • Two fighting sisters (will replace Two Turtle Doves this Christmas, just in case you were wondering)
  • Cramped spaces
  • One bathroom

I encourage you to pray for me, or at least cross your fingers.


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