One Point for iPod

4 Sep

I have never been a fan of iPods. Or apple, really. The whole proprietary file format thing really makes me angry. Of course, we all know our ways around that. I was never, ever going to buy one…

But then one day I showed up to my Grandma’s and she pointed at a silver electronic device on her counter and asked me if it was an iPod. It was. She had found it in the dirt in front of a fast food place by her house. She said I could have it. So I charged it and it managed to work. Hey, free iPod. Who turns that down, right? So I have been using my little two GB iPod for over a year now. It’s all scratched up but never had any problems until the buttons started sticking. I didn’t think much about it and stopped using it altogether over a few months. Last week I decided to wash my laptop bag. I thought I had emptied it out…but guess what was left in it. Yup, the iPod. My mom handed it to me and I figured that thing would never work again. But I charged it and wouldn’t ya know? It works better now that it ever did.

So props to Apple, maybe I will buy another iPod in the future. And I know that if it starts having any hiccups then all it needs is a good bath.


One Response to “One Point for iPod”

  1. Megs September 4, 2008 at 6:09 pm #

    Ha ha. Omg that is funny. SO glad that it still works! How crazy is that. Most electronics would have been toast. Yay iPod! But I TOTALLY hear ya on the whole “proprietary format” deal. LONG LIVE PC’S!!!

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