You’re cool too?

10 Sep

When I was living in Salt Lake City it took a blissful 10 minutes to commute to work. There was never any traffic and the lights didn’t hold me up that long. But since moving home a month ago, I’ve started using public transportation. Specifically, UTA (Utah Transit Authority). I drive to the Frontrunner train each morning, ride that to Salt Lake, and then board Trax which drops me off a block from work. I could say so many things about UTA. Most of it would be negative. The Frontrunner train goes so incredibly slow that I usually fall asleep on board. Granted, it is still faster than the horrifying northbound traffic on i15. I have a feeling that driving will be much faster as soon as the Legacy Highway opens this Saturday. I am impressed with Trax though. It’s fast, frequent, and efficient.

My main gripe about UTA are the absolute inane conversations that I am faced with every day.  Many people feel the need to tell complete strangers about their gripping lives. Others talk on cell phones loudly about their baby mamas in California. The other day I sat next to a loud lesbian that was telling a friend on the phone all about how incredibly smart she is and complaining about the home-schooled religious freaks that live here. I especially admired her outfit of jeans and a plaid mini skirt.  Teenagers opt for loud and annoying hip hop ring tones that go off each time they get a text message, which is about twice a minute.

All of this has made me think that maybe my conversations with people aren’t so thrilling. In fact, I’m sure they sound just as stupid to other people. I just wish there “quiet cars” on the Frontrunner. Little to no speaking and silent cell phones. This is my request to UTA, I hope it is more than a pipe dream!


One Response to “You’re cool too?”

  1. Alec October 2, 2008 at 11:47 pm #

    you spelled quiet wrong.

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