Barack Obama Test

24 Sep

If you are anything like me you get sick of hearing about corrupt leaders in our government. It becomes fairly evident after a while that our best interests are at the back of their minds. It scares me to think that our government is corrupt. Just as I’m getting married I worry that the amount of greed in our government, and everywhere else for that matter, will run our economy into the ground. I wonder how awful our nation and our government has to become before God will take away our wonderful nation. And I have no doubt that He will. 

It’s made me think about the upcoming election. I definitely care and definitely want to vote. But I’ve had my senses set to “ignore” when it comes to politics for so long that I’ve recently begun to wonder how I will possibly know enough about the candidates to make an informed decision.

Today I found the barackobamatest. It is a short quiz about whether or not you agree with his politics. I won’t say what I scored, but I think it’s pretty interesting.


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