The Weather Outside is Frightful

16 Dec

Salt Lake is covered in snow. We saw our first storm this weekend and it has been sticking. Utah is really very beautiful in the winter. The mountains are majestic and the trees look mysterious. Please, don’t ask how trees look mysterious. They just do. We live close enough to work that I walk back and forth. I haven’t minded walking in the snow and the freezing at all. I can think of two reasons for this:

The first is that our humble newlywed abode sports radiant heat. I had never encountered radiant heat before. But apparently if you have it you will be forced to listen to banging and clanging pipes. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. I was told that the noise is just the hot air meeting the cold pipes. I don’t believe it for a minute though, those pipes could not possibly stay cold all night. And aside from this, why does it only make such atrocious noises at night? But back to the point: we cannot control the heat. It is 85 degrees at all times, whether we have it turned on or not. It’s like we’re sleeping in a sauna. I swear I have sweated off ten pounds, at least.

The second is that before I lived in Salt Lake, I went to school in Logan, Utah. Now I know that those words mean nothing to you. Logan is just another place in Utah that my previous roommate, who was Peruvian, could not differentiate from other places in Utah. But let me just tell you that it is cold. It is soul sucking, snot freezing, heat up the car 20 minutes before work, do-not-go-outside-with-your-hair-wet cold. I lived at the library, and walking home from school through the crosswind of Logan Canyon’s wind was truly cold.

And so, I am really enjoying walking to and from work in this winter wonderland.


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