New Year Resolutions

2 Jan

Happy new year to everybody out there! Even if 2008 was great (as mine was), I hope your 2009 is even better. I have slightly more specific resolutions for this new year than I had for the last. I thought I’d share them with you. I have some small hope in the back of my mind that if I do share them in a public realm, the Internet will somehow better hold me to my goals than I would by myself. Silly, I know.

First, I am giving up soda. A small vice perhaps. But I do I love Coke. It’s such a wonderful, refreshing drink. It doesn’t make me sick and it doesn’t really bother me that it can eat through rust or any other thing about it. I also love Diet Dr. Pepper. But if I drink some of that then I just want Coke. I can drink a lot of soda. Not only does it does it suck up funds that could otherwise be useful, it’s just plain old not good for you. Well, for me. I gave it up for a month and a half about six months ago. Once the horrible headaches subsided, I felt great! But then I got engaged and the stress began. So starting tomorrow, it’s lemonade and water for me!

Secondly, I want to finish/begin my scrapbooking. Not scrapbooking in the cutesy sort of way, but the kind of way that organizes and displays my memories. I have a great scrapbook from high school, with nothing in it. I will finish my wedding book first, and work backwards.

Thirdly, I want to improve my sewing skills. I’m not going to overeach myself too much. This year I want to learn to knit or crochet and make at least one quilt. I don’t know what kind of quilt yet, so I’m open to suggestions. I’ve made a few other quilts in the past. My Grandma took the time to teach me, but I’ve never tried to sew anything before without her there. As soon as I get my sewing machine fixed I will begin.

And that is it. The dreaded, unreachable resolutions for 2009. There are plenty more goals I want to reach this year, but these are the top three for the year! What are your resolutions? Do you usually keep them?


One Response to “New Year Resolutions”

  1. Dani January 3, 2009 at 2:58 am #

    see wedding photos comment from me to see what my comment for this post would have been.

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