Wedding Reception

30 Jan

I woke up this morning with an undying urge to share with you pictures from our wedding reception. Ok, so I have been meaning to do this for a long time. But today that part of me that wants to stop feeling guilty finally walked up to the me lounging around watching America’s Best Dance Crew (we finally got cable, and DVR to boot!) and slugged me in the stomach. So here I am. Giving you what the crowds are asking for. The pictures.

These are my lovely bridesmaids: Kelsea, Carly, Tori, Kali, and Taylor. My bridesmaids gifts from Etsy never arrived…sorry girls!!


Here we are with my parents and siblings: Taylor, Tori, and my giant brother Chase.


The groomsmen. Minus my brother. That’s what happens when you’re thirty minutes late.


Us with Alec’s parents, brother, sister, and niece. Minus one brother.


This was the entrance to the reception. That is a pastel portrait my mom’s brother,  Uncle Ren did for us. He is an incredible artist. No…design and art or any talent that way has passed on to me. Bummer.


You’d cry from the jealousy if I told you how much was spent on this. My mom can make a cigarette butt in a beer can look good.


I wonder if my mom would be mad if I told the Internet that this whole arrangement probably cost $10 and none of it started out that color. And may or may not have originated from Dollar Tree. Oops.


Food table. Minus the food. Which was also delicious. We had edible chocolate bowls. How efficient is that?


I love this. So elegant.


We were going to use a glass temple, but found this temple that my mom’s parents had on their sealing cake way-back-when. I loved my cake too. Not only was it pretty, it was SO GOOD!


We displayed as many of our family wedding dresses as we could get our hands on at the reception. On the left is my my dad’s mom’s (1950’s) wedding dress and on the right is my mom’s mom’s (1940’s) wedding dress.


My grandpa, lounging amongst the decorations and furniture.



More of my scrumptious cake.


And what entry would be complete without a picture of us?



One Response to “Wedding Reception”

  1. Wendy February 1, 2009 at 3:51 pm #

    Your wedding looks sooooo beautiful! I’m glad you put up some pictures because I have been desperately wanting to see how it went. It looks absolutely lovely! Everything, I love your hat too! Everything looks so pretty, congratulations!

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