Better than a kick in the pants

25 Apr

Way back in high school I used to cashier at this grocery store, see. Seven hours of standing on my feet and scanning bar coded boxes gets tiring. Ya, it first I was pretty psyched about receiving $80/week. In high school everyone had this opinion that I was incredibly ornery. Perhaps I was, it feels like a lifetime ago. But I’ve come to realize that I have always had two main default facial expressions: happy and and what appears to be mad but is really just bored. Or tired. Or some other boring emotion that doesn’t deserve its own facial expression. But what makes a tired cashier ornery? Well I’ll tell you. It’s people asking why you’re so gosh darn ornery. Now THAT makes me ornery.

But my favorite part of that job were the small town terms I started to hear. People would often tell me that my job was better than a poke in the eye. Or when I’d give them a penny back in change they’d proclaim that it was certainly better than a kick in the pants! The other night I told Alec that his job was better than a poke in the eye and I suddenly felt like a 17 year-old cashier at Jubilee being reprimanded for not appreciating her job enough.

What are some other versions of this saying? I know I heard at least five different twists on it when I was there.


One Response to “Better than a kick in the pants”

  1. Emily April 25, 2009 at 4:08 am #

    I worked as a cashier in high school too, and I got the same thing! I was always tired, because I’d been up since 5 am, and middle aged men would lecture me on how I should be grateful to have a job as easy as standing still (which was the worst part, mind you – concrete floors hurt). The phrases I got most often, though, were things like, if the amount came to 19.54, little old men would would say “that was a good year!” or people might say “smile – it won’t hurt you.” Lee, NH is a pretty small town – I’m sure there were great phrases I just don’t remember.

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