Tasty Kitchen Love

15 Jul

Alec is a cook. I’d say he’s more of a chef. He is and will always be the main chef in our home. I’m sure our children will complain when I have to cook something. You know someone has the foodie gift when they can improvise. And boy can he improvise. Since we got married I’ve been trying to learn from him. It’s going slowly. Let’s just say that before we got married I barely knew how to hold knife and most of my dinners were some form of boxed pasta. And now I am in charge of the cilantro and onions. And the dishes. Sometimes I try to be the lead by planning and preparing the meal; mostly to give him a well-deserved break. Only a few of these attempts have been what you could call successful. Most of those times it was because I used a recipe from The Pioneer Woman. She recently launched the Tasty Kitchen. I can only describe it as a social network for anyone interested in cooking, whatever their skill level might be. I love it! I’m so excited to get into it and try other recipes.

I’m going to my grandma proud!


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