Whiskers are in

4 Sep

When I met Alec for the first time he was clean-shaven. The first time we did anything together he was scruffy. Throughout most of our time dating he had a full-fledged beard. Most of the men my friends date or marry are clean-shaven. I never really gave any of this much thought, except that I really thought a bit of scruff was sexy. As soon as we got serious every single person I know seemed to like Alec, but would eventually say, “But what about that beard?” After the first person asked I just figured they didn’t like beards and they assumed I didn’t either. But after a while I began to realize that every one of my girlfriends assumed that I was going to try to get him to shave his beard. WHY WOULD I DO THAT? Alec is the same to me shaved clean as a baby’s bottom or with a big scruffy beard. I honestly like it and have no desire to try to get him to shave. What is it about us girls that we insist on trying to change our men?

I’ve always liked cowboys and rockstars. This must be why I like Alec’s facial hair. As part of the dress code for both his school and job, he’s required to shave. I’m sure he’s planning to grow the biggest beard known to man when he moves on from the school and job he’s at. I’m just hoping he doesn’t get carried away and go all Brigham Young on me. I don’t want to find missing household items in his beard.

He is, however, allowed to have a mustache. I am one of the leaders in a youth group for young women at my church. Some of the young men don’t even know my name, but one tried to identify me as the wife of the guy with the mustache! One of the young women said Alec has the coolest mustache.

I’m beginning to wonder if I married the man or the mustache!


2 Responses to “Whiskers are in”

  1. Cambria September 8, 2009 at 8:42 pm #

    I’m pro-facial hair, personally. I like a little scruff on my man ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Mary September 11, 2009 at 2:12 am #

    Alec’s dad has had a mustache for the 28+ years we’ve been together… I would love him without it as well, but it makes HIM happy, which makes ME happy. And when he grows his beard in the winter and shaves in the spring, he has fun shaving it off in fun ways! ๐Ÿ™‚

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