Our cat is named Brahbrah

21 May

Once upon a time, or January, I promised a post about our house. I know I didn’t do it and I apologize. I’ll just cut to the chase and avoid more promises of being a more regular blogger. I don’t want you all to think life is boring for a married person (it’s not), just busy.

The house we bought is a townhouse. One of the few Alec liked because it has a basement, which adds quite a bit of square footage, compared to townhouses that do not. He also loves it because it’s his man cave. He’s painting it the colors that he’s picked out, he has his drum set and guitars down there, and his blues band comes over to jam with him. SEGWAY: The first one who can think of a good band name for a blues band gets a virtual hug.

This was the master bedroom. This picture just doesn’t do it justice.
Master  Bedroom_Old

It’s far from done, or decorated, but at least it’s the color I want it.

Master Bedroom_New

This was just a little gag-inducing. My mom cleaned that fridge, if she hadn’t I probably would have thrown it out.


Ok, so the fridge got moved to the basement.


This carpet is so gross, the memory of it makes me sick!


The new carpet is so pretty. And soft! And stain resistant!


I wish I had a picture of this room before we took out the carpet. My favorite part about this room is that they painted right over the thermostat. Because we all know this is such a lovely color, they probably couldn’t wait to get it on the walls.


I’m no photographer, not the best shot. But you can see that it’s slightly better, right? RIGHT!?


I hesitate to call any of these “after” pictures because we have so much planned for these rooms. I want to do some major improvements to the kitchen this summer, among other things. So, put on your painting clothes, bring a ladder (a really tall one), and ice old Coke and we’ll have a party. Please?


One Response to “Our cat is named Brahbrah”

  1. Nic May 23, 2010 at 3:35 am #

    We had a good time visiting you guys and your home the other weekend. You guys have done so much with this place. We were impressed. Can’t wait to see it again when it’s all done!

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