Five months

11 Jan

So it has been five months since I posted to my blog. I find myself struggling for content. Not because I don’t have ideas, but because I work with content on a website at work all day long. Coming home and typing something into yet another content management system has never sounded less appealing. And yet I don’t want to delete dear old blog. I want to rise above the dullness of the CMS and find joy in writing something. I also find that I worry about what people at work might think if I really expressed my opinion out on the web for all to see. If only it were only my coworkers opinions to worry about. There is also that fear of being fired because you dare to opine online.

But what has happened in the last six months? Well, Alec transfered to the University of Utah and has already completed one semester. He’s got a new job and so do I. My mom and I wallpapered a feature wall in our house (divine). We got a new couch. A brother-in-law moved in and moved out. We sold a car and “got” another. We went to Washington to visit Alec’s family over the Christmas break.

Maybe not the stuff that novels are made of, but still keeps us incredibly busy.


One Response to “Five months”

  1. Nicolette January 12, 2011 at 9:08 am #

    Whoa, it has been awhile. I know I’d like to see you around these parts (of blogland) more often.

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