Always shopping and reading design blogs

18 Jan

Since we’ve been home owners I have felt like I am always shopping. Always looking for the perfect item to hold the china, the perfect cabinet pulls, the perfect couch; all at the perfect price. The house was in such bad condition that I never imagined that we could have come so far in just over a year. Granted, we still have a long way to go. Do we have any molding? No. Are there still holes in the wall in the basement? Yes. Is there a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling in the front room? Yes. But I’m excited about how far we’ll have come in just one more year!

Here are a few of the things that we have done/bought/installed (or plan to shortly):

  1. Rochester Charcoal Sectional Sofa –
  2. Paisley metallic wallpaper – Candice Olson
  3. Mercury Glass Melon Knob – Anthropologie
  4. Sarajevo Camel Velvet Tufted Bed –

Alec and I have decided that we both have decidedly better taste together than we did when we were single. Just another reason we’re great together!


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