Another year wiser

4 Feb

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. I’m dreading 30 and I’m not sure why. Is this what the rest of life is like, dreading the next big birthday with a zero on the end? I remember when I was ten I fooled my cousin into thinking I was a teenager because my age had two digits. When I turned 20 I knew I had passed a milestone. Before that everyone said to me, “Don’t get married too early, enjoy being single.” And as soon as I turned 20 it seemed like each person I met inquired about my dating life and tried to ascertain when the nuptials might take place. Perhaps those were just my own insecurities coming out. I thought that if I got married too young everyone would think less of me and if I got married too late everyone would wonder what was wrong with me.

I guess I have three years left to enjoy my youth, eh?

Regardless of my advanced age my family still spoiled me. Although I liked the presents I received I know I am lucky to have parents, in-laws, grandparents, friends, and a husband who care so much about me. Alec woke up early with me to give me a present. I came into work early so I could leave early and get my hair cut (NO, it hasn’t been seven months since it was cut last. Geez.), went shopping with my mom, and then went to dinner with my family; sans my youngest sister. I guess she has to honor her commitments and actually go to her basketball team’s games. Whatevs.

And, best of all, Alec planned a surprise getaway for this weekend. Yay! We’re going to one of my favorite places in the world: Logan, Utah. Scoff if you must, but going to Logan feels like going home.

Thanks to everyone who made it special.


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