Slow and steady wins the race

23 Mar

I’ve seen many blog posts recently about slow [insert any verb here]. It seems that this is really just a part of my DNA, because I just don’t seem to do anything fast.

After living in our house for 16 months we can finally heave a sigh of relief that every door has been mercilessly cleaned and given a fresh coat of paint. We even painted the hinges with the finish that we prefer and bought new doorknobs. There are 14 doors in the house, so that is close to one door per month. Many thanks to my tireless husband who has been determined to finish this project.

I am also still running barefoot. Well, more like working out barefoot. I ride the bike, lift weights, and run without shoes. And my foot pain continues to be absent, with the exception of today. The top of my left foot has been having twinges all morning. I am up to a mile now, so I think I might back off for a few days. However, I feel like my feet would allow me to run much further than I am, the reason for the slowness has really just been getting my lungs and heart up to speed. I’m really enjoying the experience. Alec and I are running a 5K mud obstacle course race with our neighbors this summer and I plan to wear my athletic shoes, which have been completely neglected for over a month. After the race they will be completely ruined and I will be happy to throw them out!

Now, on to slow decorating and furniture accumulation!

Note: we are installing molding in a few weeks when Alec’s parents come to visit us, and we’re doing it ALL at once. I think I’d lose my mind if we did that part slow!


One Response to “Slow and steady wins the race”

  1. Kathleen March 24, 2011 at 8:40 am #

    Hey cute girl! I LOVE keeping up with you on your blog!! I sure miss ya, glad to see you are doing so well. Love ya!! =)

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