Too much too soon

30 Mar

I jinxed myself the last time I posted. Although I thought I was getting into barefoot/minimalist running slowly, I have pushed it too far. Last Friday, and for two days this week, I transitioned from the treadmill to an indoor track. I ran over a mile each time. At just past a mile, I increased speed. I quickly noticed that form became even more important with increased speed. To increase speed, one should increase cadence and not stride, which is what I started out doing. As the pain in the top of my feet increased I adjusted my form and found the entire experience enjoyable. While running, with good form, there was no pain. But the top of foot pain was pretty nasty between runs and it even hurt to the touch. I started looking at the Runner’s World Barefoot forum to see what others had to say about this problem. The conclusion is that I have committed the cardinal sin of  TMTS (too much too soon). You might not think running a mile is really taxing yourself, but apparently it is. It is frustrating because most people try to push themselves when it comes to athletic activity, but this venture calls for patience instead. There are posts on the site begging noobs, like myself, to take it slow.

I hope that I haven’t injured my feet in any kind of permanent way. I plan to rest my feet for the rest of this week and longer if I think I need to. The most frustrating part is that I registered for a 5K at the end of April. I most likely won’t be able to run it because the pain is unbearable with shoes but I probably won’t be up to three miles at that point.


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