The ultimate accessory

27 Apr

If you’ve ever lived in a house without molding then you know how strange it can feel. There is always a feeling that something just isn’t finished. It is kind of like leaving the house without mascara. No matter how lazy you are, don’t forget the mascara!

Alec’s parent’s were kind enough to sacrifice their entire spring break vacation to help us install the trim! Before they came we busted out the paint sprayer and painted them all white. They were already white, but not all whites are created equal.

Those of you who are weekend warriors know that there are precious few projects that ever take as long as you think they will. Always add 15-50% (depending on how sick of projects you get) to get an accurate estimate. Non-sequitur: I once watched a remodeling HGTV show in which the owners were having a child and thought they could finish the project before its birth. Not only did they miss that deadline, she also had ANOTHER kid before it was done.

Anyhow, the molding looks so fantastic I often look at it and sigh. But we only have one room (our bedroom) that can be called finished. We still have differing levels of caulking, sanding, touching up, and painting to do throughout the house. Our life has been incredibly hectic since we started this project and just haven’t had the time to finish it. This means that ALL of the furniture is currently living in the middle of their respective rooms—like the walls are poisonous. But, the end of this project is in sight. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And because you are so interested in other upcoming projects, I STILL have to touch up ceiling lines in the basement and the living room, paint the ceilings in one of the stairwells and the bathrooms, and build bookshelves to flank our new mantle (which doesn’t have a fireplace yet).

Next time: our attempt at gardening. We’ve built the raised bed, but that’s about it!


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