Unveiling the kitchen part 1

2 Jul

Please forgive me for my lack of photography skills. But we have basically been working on the kitchen since we moved in. It has been in a state of almost done for a while. But we finally put the final touches on the baseboards and are ready to show the world the almost finished product. In the next year we’d like to replace the sink and counter.

You might remember that this is what the kitchen looked like when we moved in (I wish I had been thinking of who I’d share these pictures with when I took them–alas, getting the picture taken was a big enough accomplishment at the time).

Things started to get better with new appliances and not-vomit-inducing paint. We actually repurposed the chandelier from above the kitchen table and put it in an upstairs hallway. We got tired of hitting our heads when we stood up.

Notice how we removed the grimy kick board from underneath the cabinets.

Then we took the doors off the cabinets and sanded them.

Then the easy part: the actual painting. The paint color we picked is a win in my book.

Then my mom helped me install this wallpaper on  the feature wall (sorry for the glare–I really must start working on my photography skills). That was my beautiful Christmas present. Isn’t my mom the best?

And finally, we consider it partly done after the baseboards and kick boards are installed, filled, and touched up. We also ditched the existing lights and opted for track lighting.

I don’t want to cry when I look underneath the cabinets now. And if you thinking crying in response to grody under-cabinets is an understatement, let me assure it that it is not!

There’s a sliding glass door behind those track blinds.

I’m in love with the tracking lighting we installed. It works so much better than that old chandelier and florescent light.

I tear up at the sight of my baseboards these days.


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