What consumes our thoughts?

24 Oct

This weekend I set out to find picture frames for various places in our house. But I very quickly became overwhelmed because some of the frames were for places that weren’t defined yet, like the shelving by the mantle. I know I want to frame our wedding invitation for display there, but I can’t pick anything until I know what the space in question actually looks like. So then I started looking at our gallery wall that only had three pictures in it and decided it was high time I got to work on that. This also quickly became overwhelming because, if you remember, all the pictures were intended to be black and white family pics (not of us). There were so many I wanted to display and then I had Alec’s family pictures to consider too. So I picked and printed six and told Alec the rest are up to him.

Then I realized that our memory book was woefully out of date! So, after three photo orders from Walmart I finally got that current too. After I finished I decided to peruse the memory book. It is obvious what consumes most of our thoughts (or, at least, mine), because almost all of the pics were of our house in various stages.

I’m happy that we are so actively trying to improve our living situation, but this is me committing to trying to spice things up a bit too.


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