22 Jun

Lately I’ve had a few people ask me if I still blog. Usually the answer is just a cringe. I had no intention of letting my posts become so irregular. But alas, such is life. There’s just something about blogging that hasn’t compelled me to quit it all together. It keeps drawing me back in. So here’s a little taste of what has happened since my last post.

First, Alec decided to change careers. While taking the prerequisites to apply to physical therapy programs he decided college wasn’t for him. Let’s just say that at first I was shocked since he has been in school for three full years. But after I let it sink in I realized that I changed my major about one bazillion times so I really couldn’t point fingers. I was going to be a pharmacist, a radiology tech, an accountant, and a speech therapist at certain points in my college career. You could say it took me a while to make up my mind. In the end, I just ended up selecting something to get done. I was tired of being a super senior. So we went with his gut and he started a local tech program for machining. Compared to traditional university programs, you can finish this one in a blink of an eye. Yes, he’s already done and already employed. He is very happy with his new career path and I’m happy that he’s happy. Plus, his grandpa was a machinist, so it runs in his family. His grandpa passed away soon after we were married, but I knew him enough to know how proud he is of Alec. Probably almost as proud of him as I am.

Second, we sold our house. Your reaction is probably similar to most people that I tell and it is probably a bit shocking. When we bought our home we thought we’d be in the area forever. Boy, were we wrong. Our careers and jobs changed so much almost immediately after we moved in. After a while we grew tired of living in the city, dealing with an ineffective and irritating HOA, and being limited in our remodeling options. We really enjoyed owning a home but know there is something much better for us out there than a town home. We have dreams of the country, landscaped yards, a large garage/shop, outdoor living spaces, and customized floor plans. But the only way that was going to happen in the near future was to sell our home. Renting was not an option for us, neither of us can stomach the idea of being landlords and having tenants ruin everything we worked for. So, we sold and are now attempting to recover from the shock. While we wait we are dreaming of our next house and making plans.

Since I had previously posted pictures here of my projects I’d like to also share pictures of what our home looked like when we sold it. These are the professional pictures we had taken for our MLS listing.

Third, I dyed my hair brown. About a month ago I went to the mall to get my bangs trimmed. Big mistake. The woman butchered them. It was horrendous. For a week I pinned them back and decided to go my trustworthy stylist. While I was debating whether to make any changes to my style I suddenly decided to change the color dramatically. It was a whim, but I’m glad I did it. It is shockingly different but I figure hair is just hair. If I hate it the hair can either be colored again or it will grow back fresh. I’ve been coloring my hair blonde since high school. As a kid I had very light blonde hair. But, at 28, it is much closer to brown than blonde. It isn’t naturally this dark, but my roots are closer to this color than to blonde. I’m not promising I won’t go back to blonde, it almost feels like part of my identity, but for now I’m happy with this change.


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