About Cass

My name is Cassie, or Cass, if you will. I was married to Alec—the most loving, handsome, talented, helpful, patient, fun, and hard working man I’ve ever met—in 2008. We’ve been having mini adventures every day together since. We recently sold our first home in Salt Lake City and now live in the country in northern Utah. Alec is a machinist and I’m in tech.


Alec is an excellent cook and my passion is decorating—a talent I didn’t know I had until we bought our first home. One day I hope to start my own design firm and see where that takes me.

The content of this blog is my personal responsibility and does not represent the official views of my employer – past, present, and future.


One Response to “About Cass”

  1. Cambria June 13, 2008 at 8:34 pm #

    So… for some reasong I tought I made up Cassiliscious. Did I? Or did someone else? I’d like to claim that if no one has yet.

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